Bye-Bye, 2015!

Ok, let’s summarize last year in one word.  Exhaustpointedlyheartbreaking.
Ok that was three words, but I made it one for the sake of sticking with the first sentence I typed out, and maybe because I was lazy, and perhaps because sometimes I think I am funny.
Last year was so sad, and heartbreaking, and disappointing and hard.  I feel tired thinking about it, and I know it isn’t realistic to try to cram a summary of it into just one word.  So you’re in luck, because now I am feeling all reflect-y and we are about to write an essay about last year, and my hopes for this year.
I hate to be a debbie downer, but I do like to be honest… and sometimes am too honest, so I will spare you every last detail, but last year stank.
We were homesick.  We were hot.  We were so tired.  We struggled through some business ideas, and felt our way through entrepreneurship.  We were disappointed in others behavior, and hurt.
We lost my dad.  My mom is in CA without me, and it kills me that I am not with her most days.  Derek battled a ton of sickness (the Drs here says he has acute tonsillitis?), my foot got ran over by a taxi, I battled anxieties, wrestled with grief, and while we came out alive, in love still, and happy to have learned a lot… we still can reflect on it and be ok with saying it stank.  And while I know every had has bad days /years, and we had a lot of good days in last year … we really hope this year is not has bad as last year… which was bad… even for Australia.
One thing for sure that I am more ok with than ever, is the fact that I am not ok.  If that made sense?  I am so ok with it, I am not going to even try to list the good that happened right now, because a lot did.  But it’s ok, to just say it sucks, and really sit with and acknowledge that pain… without having to overlook it with the good.  I have done that, I’ll tell you the good later.
So onward and upward, last year stank… but this year, is going to be good!
Its a pet peeve when people say, “I have a deep feeling that  this is going to be the best year yet!!”  Because who really wishes that it won’t be?  Or gets a deep down self cursing feeling that it shouldn’t be?  Maybe you?  I never have…
2016… why is it going to be good?
Because we are finally ready to pull the trigger on some business ideas we have been working on.
Because  we all love it more each day here, and embrace all that we have to learn.
Because we are spending some summer time with family at home!
Because if we have another year like last, God know’s we will throw in the flag/towel/white thing whatever… and crawl in a cave to live… or maybe we will move to Australia!
Welcome, 2016.

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