Happy New Year!

We welcome you, 2016!


2015, was quite a year.  Our most eventful yet, although most say that, likely because it is the freshest year in all of our minds.

In 2015, we learned a lot…cried a lot…were stretched to our thinnest until we felt we may just snap.  We survived year 1 in Istanbul!  We lost my dad.  We became second language learners…and second culture learners.  Our kids grew and grew, and continued to just amaze us with their kind and sweet hearts, talent, and humor.  We developed new routines, and rhythms in a new life.  We grew a lot, and even with all the immense pain, are grateful for the character and grace it has instilled in us.  We will see if I can get a year in review up in the coming weeks, until then here is my Instagram,                                                                                       #2015bestnine



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